Content Management Systems

Simplest explanation of a Content Management System

If you own a laptop or a desktop computer or work on one in an office, you already know that you not only control all the content on the hard drive, you also control how the computer responds, the screen backgrounds, screen savers etc. In fact, every aspect of the computer can be controlled via the simple to use Control Panel and the installed software.

Think of the Content Management System as the all-in-one website equivalent of your desktop or laptop control panel and software. The Content Management System enables you to control every aspect of the website in a friendly, intuitive, non-technical, non-intimidating manner.

Content Management System - a look under the hood

A motor car can be said to have two parts to it - the driver controls and the engine under the hood. Similarly, the Content Management System (CMS) has two parts to it. The first part is the Content Management Application (think of it as the driver controls) and second part is the Content Delivery Application (think of this as the engine under the hood).

The Content Management Application (CMA) is a system through which the website owner or administrator enters, edits or removes content. The web administrator need not know any code language. He simply selects the location where the content has to appear and more or less enters the content the same way you would type out a letter using Microsoft Word or its equivalent.

The website content can be arranged into columns or paragraphs and pictures with hypertext links inserted wherever required. The web administrator also uses the same Content Management System to edit or remove content.

The CDA or Content Delivery Application on the other hand, works invisibly in the background. This is the engine of the Content Management System. The moment any content is added, edited or removed the Content Delivery Application will, based on the requirement, add, update or remove the content from the appropriate location of the website. Additionally, if required, it will also automatically update any menus on the website. For example, if the administrator has created a new category the CDA will add that category to the menu as well as add the content pertaining to the new category in the appropriate section of the website.

The Accessories of the Content Management System

Just as your car has various optional accessories such as air conditioning, music system, air bags and so on, so also the Content Management System usually has a set of optional accessories. These optional accessories include: Each of these is interconnected both with the Content Management System itself and with the front-end of the website. For example, when a customer buys a product, the inventory is automatically updated, so also the accounting. Simultaneously, the goods dispatch system will reflect the delivery details. Any request for support from the customer will be reflected in the customer support section.

In the context of a website, content not only refers to the text you see on a webpage, it also refers to page headings, online promotions, page backgrounds, colors, buttons menus, product lists, product pictures etc. In short, through the Content Management System (CMS), the website owner or administrator has the capability to control every facet of the website. So if you are comfortable using your laptop or desktop then the Content Management System is a "no-brainer".

Kingdom Vision has a team of highly skilled and experienced CMS experts specializing in custom Content Management Systems. We can either help you select the right off-the-shelf CMS product or we can custom design and develop one for you. A custom designed CMS means it not only fits your business model to perfection, the level of sophistication can either be scaled up or scaled down depending on whether you would prefer a fully "hands on" approach or an "auto pilot" approach. Talk to us today. Kingdom Vision would be delighted to help you succeed in your online venture.

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