24/7 Live Onsite Chat Agents

Kingdom Vision offers educated, well trained, online chat agents. Our online chat agents can be used for your pre-sales and post-sales support as well as any marketing campaigns.

Educated, trained chat agents

Kingdom Vision offers you technology backed innovative solutions for all your sales, marketing and support requirement. We have the state-of-the-art software modules that we can either neatly plug-in into your website or we can host it for you. All our chat agents operating chat windows are carefully recruited and trained. We ensure each agent is well-versed with your company details, policies, products and services.

High performance meaningful reporting

Our comprehensive reports and statistics on agent and site performance will help identify effectiveness of any on-going marketing campaigns. Our reporting will help fine tune your online processes, campaigns and identify existing weak points. No matter how many automated reports you might already have in place, having a live agent in an online chat window provides you with real feedback of what is actually happening on your website.

Proactive tracking

Our live chat agents can proactively greet each visitor that enters your web site and then remains on stand-by to provide any assistance that might be required - just like in a real brick-and-mortar shop. Our live chat agents can even capture any pre-purchase exit and request the visitor to provide a brief reason for the quick exit. Knowing the reasons for an early exit helps identify any faulty process, website or campaign weakness. For example, the marketing campaign might be giving your target customers the wrong impression. Your customers arrive at the site lured by the campaign but find that the products or services displayed on the site are at variance with the impression they got. During the exit interview, our live chat agents will help bring out the reasons for a quick exit. The early exit report will identify campaign discrepancies and help correct problem areas on your website.

Identify performing and non-performing assets

Our live chat agents actively track each visitor and can identify non-performing pages as well as non-performing or high performance ads based on page and mouse movement. In fact, everything that the visitor does can be recorded for analysis. The website itself can be broken down into small segments and fine tuned to satisfy the customer.

Live chat agents identify technical glitches

The moment there is a technical glitch (e.g. shopping cart miss-calculating totals or not taking correct discounts into account), your visitors will tend to click on the live chat support icon - provided there is one. The presence of our live chat agent helps capture and identify such technical glitches. In the absence of our live chat agent, the customer would have just closed the browser and moved on to another website.

Live chat agents help retain customers through personal intervention

Our own surveys tell us that a significant number of customers try to use a discount coupon without realizing that it has just gone past its "use by" date. Our survey further tells us that a significant number of such customers find the disappointment of not receiving the discount so huge, that they exit the website without completing the purchase.

We always request our customers to grant our live chat agents the power to extend the expiry date of discount coupons that have expired within the past one week of attempted use. Any attempt to use an expired coupon is flagged out and our live chat agent proactively steps in and offers to revalidate the discount coupon. Such action not only leads the customer to complete the purchase but also creates a huge feeling of happiness amongst the customers.


On successful completion of a purchase and at time of exit, our live chat agents can thank the customer, remind the customer of the narration that will appear in the credit card statement and reassure the customer that the purchases will be dispatched ASAP.

Websites are "cold" places devoid of human warmth. Having a proactive live chat agent 24/7 on your website, brings in the human element, helps identify problem areas either with the marketing campaign or the website itself and ultimately helps increase your sales and retain your customers. Talk to Kingdom Vision today, we look forward to helping you succeed in your online venture.

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